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1dvd pro help

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Step 1: Add video source

Add your video files to 1DVD Pro by clicking “Add” or you can directly drag your files into the left side of the program window.

Step 2: Customize your DVD menu template and make a DVD slideshow.

Drag your added files into the frame in the right side of the program window. You can drag another video file into the frame to replace the previous one. To add other video files, just drag them into the area outside of the frame area. Set the background of your layout in the offered background styles or select one from the computer. You can also customize the frame of your DVD and add a frame to the title. Click “Music” to set your favorite music as the background music of your DVD. The text of the title can be edited. Moreover, you can move the title and DVD in the frame to change their position.

Note 1: If you want to remove a file, just drag it out from the program window.

Note 2: It’s the same in background and frame setting. You can not only choose from the offered styles but also can choose other style according to your preference.

Make a DVD slideshow from iPhoto library:

Firstly, export a M4V video file from your iPhoto library.

Secondly, add this video file to 1DVD Pro library and burn it to DVDs.

Step 3: Preview.

Preview the working state of your DVD which is about to burn.

Step 4: Start to create your special DVD with clicking the “Burn” button.

There are two DVD modes--- NTSC and PAL for you to choose. You should choose NTSC or PAL depend on your DVD device. NTSC is for America, PAL is for Europe. It’s optional to set the video aspect ratio as 4:3 or 16:9.

Click “Start”, name your file and save it.

Export and burn iMovie project to DVD:

Firstly, export iMovie project to video files to burn iMovie project to DVD which only support M4V format. When an iMovie project is completed, select it and click "Share" at the top of the window in the Menu bar. And on the following list, choose "Export Movie...", and then a small window will show up. You can choose the route to store the videos and the format to save your iMovie project. Here you are suggested to choose Large or HD 720p to save iMovie project to high quality video for burning to DVD. The default output folder is Movies.

Secondly, add this video to 1DVD Pro and start to burn videos to DVD.

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