How to set parameters about sending to photobucket?


It is a little complex indeed. We feel sorry about can not make it more simple now.But we may improve it in the near future.

1) Register a account. Register Now.

2) Register a gmail account.For the safety consider,we suggest you register a independent account.Our software will save the password in a simple encrypted way.But it may be cracked by someone. Register Now.

3) Fill the parameter in the right position.See below.

Image 001

4) Monitor Frequency.It means how many seconds will the WebCam Monitor upload the frames. Usally, 3 to 5 seconds is enough.

5) Diff Threshold.Only when the different pixels between two frames up to the value you give,the frame will be uploaded to photobucket.

6) If you don't want to people see the pictures you uploaded, please make sure set the "private" album in photobucket.

Image 001

7) Clean up the gmail account and photobucket before using.If you use DawnArk WebCam Monitor, it may upload many images per day.The Photobucket support 500M free space.So you'd better clean it before using it.To clean up all images, pay attention in the foot of the photobucket.See below,for it is not so easy to find it.

Image 001

8) Another important thing is that you should use DawnArk WebCam Monitor in legal way. Don't monitor other person's privacy.


Any question please contact us with .

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